Barriers to Creativity and Innovation

creativity and innovation barriers

How to overcome barriers to Creativity and Innovation “Think disruptive!” “Be creative!” “Just leave the existing behind you!” These are the classic pieces of advice for successful innovation management: Simply think outside the box. Forget all barriers to creativity and innovation. And be completely free in your mind. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? But is it […]

Measuring Innovation Culture

Innovation culture

How to measure your innovation culture Is innovation success predictable? After six years of scientific research and more than 300 practical projects, we can provide a straight answer: Yes. If companies seem to implement projects effortlessly in their innovation management, there is a simple reason for this: they have created the right framework conditions early […]

Swarm intelligence companies

swarm intelligence innovative companies

Develop innovative corporate strategies through swarm intelligence One of the most important questions asked by managers with whom we work: How do we get employees involved in digital change? How do we enable them to participate in the digital transformation of the company? And how do we increase their awareness for digital disruption? The answer: […]

Innovation Strategy 2020

Innovation Strategy 2020

Innovation Strategy 2020 – Get your company prepared for the new decade! In just under twelve months, a new decade will begin. It will be the decade in which artificial intelligence will change business models like never before. Technologies like the blockchain will enable applications that we cannot imagine today. And digital change will move […]

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