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Audit Management Software for all
of your management systems

With the Audit Management Software module of the Innolytics® Suite, you can perform audits, internal reviews and inspections with amazing simplicity.

  • Manage internal audit programs according to standards such as ISO 9001.

  • Automate inspections, reviews and audits.

  • Get real-time results.

  • Implement tasks efficiently and in an audit-proof manner.

The Audit Management Software module is part of the comprehensive Innolytics® Suite, the world’s most easy-to-use solution for integrated management systems.

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Innolytics® Audit Management Software is built for organizations looking for a simple, flexible and effective solution. Manage occupational safety, quality controls, process and project reviews, IT security checks, sustainability and environmental audits with one software.

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Use case: Conducting supplier audits

As of Jan. 1, 2023, companies headquartered in Germany with 3,000 or more employees (as of Jan. 1, 2024, with 1,000 or more employees) must identify, analyze and assess risks in their supply chain. With Innolytics® Audit Software, you conduct audits in multiple languages and thus across countries.

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Smart functions for smart audits

Plan and prepare audits more efficiently

Easily gain an overview of upcoming and completed audits. Simplify coordination between all parties involved. Assign roles and tasks. Create audit questionnaires from templates with just a few clicks.

Reduction of preparation time by 40 percent.
Can be applied internationally with live translation of questions and answers.

Conduct on-site and remote audits more easily

Whether you want to audit on-site, perform remote audits digitally, or combine the both: Innolytics® reduces the time and effort required for on-site and remote auditing by up to 60 percent. Choose between different levels of automation: From manual audit reports to fully automated evaluation and categorization of results.

Upload documents, images or videos from remote audits.
Ask specific follow-up questions via the comment and chat function.
Simple assessment functions using the auditor button.

Evaluate audits automatically

Gain valuable time through clever automation rules. The system makes suggestions that you can adopt or modify – as you need. An integrated scoring system shows how many scores can be achieved in an audit – and how many have actually been achieved.

Save up to 80 percent effort in the audit evaluation phase!
The audit software categorizes results and assigns them automatically.

Simple. Effective. Integrated. Three reasons for Innolytics®


Less training and administration effort due to an intuitive user interface concept


Audit-proof and compliant: The most important functions for effective audit management


Less friction, higher efficiency: part of an integrated management system

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Overview of selected functions

  • Conducting internal audits and supplier audits

  • Different question types

  • Integrated templates (e.g. ISO 9001)

  • Manual and automated evaluations

  • Chat function for audit teams

  • Scoring function

  • Automatic categorization of audit results

  • Upload of images and videos

  • Creation of tasks

  • Actions Tracking

  • Rights and role system

  • Release and confirmation workflow

  • Statistics function

  • Audit dashboard

  • Multilingualism / Live Translate

  • Notification system

  • Audit-proof documentation

  • Compliant with ISO 19011 and ISO 9001

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Innolytics® Audit Management Software: Use cases from our customers

Process and product audits according to ISO 9001

Are processes being followed? Do they deliver the defined and desired results? Where is there potential for optimization? With Innolytics® Audit Software you can identify, evaluate and implement risks as well as opportunities for improvement. As a building block of an integrated management system, you can immediately transfer results into your risk management or continuous improvement process.

Safety checks and inspections

Whether risk assessments in the area of occupational safety or the regular inspection of particularly critical facilities: Innolytics® Audit Software makes it possible to perform safety audits and inspections quickly and easily. Gain an overview, document results in an audit-proof manner, transfer measures into your risk, safety or occupational health management.

Digital supplier audits

As of Jan. 1, 2023, companies in Germany will have to implement the provisions of the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act. With the help of digital supplier audits, these can be carried out appropriately and effectively – as required by law. Through remote audits with multilingual questionnaires and a free-text interview module where answers and follow-up questions are automatically translated into multiple languages.

Sustainability and environmental audits

In view of stricter climate targets, sustainability and environmental audits will become drastically more important in the coming years. Check the extent to which you implement criteria of standards such as ISO 14001, ISO 26000 or the German Sustainability Code. Verify compliance with environmental standards. Identify opportunities for improvement that you can publish in your sustainability report.

Information security audits according to ISO 27001

To what extent are information security requirements implemented in individual areas? Check the handling of sensitive information, data protection requirements and IT security regulations in your teams and employees working in home offices. The Innolytics® Audit Software allows the documentation of on-site audits and the execution of remote audits.

The pricing model

For 80 percent of all Innolytics® customers, investments return in less than six months. You are a small company or want to use the software with a few users at first? Choose the STARTER package. You want to use Innolytics® with more users or internationally? Choose PROFESSIONAL or ENTERPRISE.


Get started quickly and easily by taking advantage of the all-in-one Innolytics® Software.

starting from

99 €

up to 10 users


3,95 €

Monthly per additional user

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Take advantage of Innolytics® benefits for teams with more than 100 employees.

Starting from

495 €


Plus one-time setup

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Implement Innolytics® for more than 500 employees across multiple locations.

Starting from

995 €


Plus one-time setup

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Frequently Asked Questions about Innolytics® Audit Management Software

What are the benefits of an audit management software? Why do companies use them? In our FAQ you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Yes. The Innolytics® Audit Software allows to perform simple, efficient and audit-proof digital supplier audits. The multi-language capability makes the tool applicable worldwide. Risks can be identified, evaluated and calculated, the tool automatically suggests measures to eliminate or reduce risks. By default, the legally specified requirements are stored as a question set with automatic evaluation.

Yes. Innolytics® allows you to set up and customize processes. You can define different process phases to which different functions are assigned. For example, risk evaluation can take place at the beginning of the process, measures can be created in the measure development phase, which are evaluated and released in a later process step. The individual functions can be freely defined for each process step.

Yes, this is one of the central functions of the Innolytics® software for management systems. If risks for the stability of the supply chain, for product quality, in the area of occupational safety or information security are discovered during a risk audit, for example, these can be transferred to workflows for improving occupational safety, information security or quality management. By integrating the Audit Software module, you drastically reduce losses at the interfaces between different management systems and departments.

Yes. Innolytics® is a multilingual platform. Contents, e.g. risks created by Chinese employees, are automatically translated into the other languages of the platform. Innolytics® is therefore particularly suitable for companies that want to use their risk management software to audit international suppliers or sites, analyze risks and effectively implement risk mitigation measures.

Yes. The Innolytics® Software Suite including the Risk Management Software module has standardized interfaces to other programs, for example customer databases, ERP systems such as SAP, software for supplier management or Microsoft Office. The connection is made via interfaces that comply with industry standards such as SAML and REST. Innolytics® thus fits seamlessly into your existing software landscape.