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Welcome to the Innolytics® Innovation Wiki. We would like to support you to learn more about innovation and to establish an efficient idea and innovation management in your company. In our articles, you will find an explanation of technical terms and practical advice on innovation in your organization.

  • Identify hidden customer needs through co-creation and open innovation.

  • Develop innovative products, services and business models that bring sustainable competitive advantages.

  • Establish a culture of innovation within your company

In our Innovation Wiki, we have compiled extensive information material for you. Learn more about idea managementinnovation management and open innovation.

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Business Development

Management System

Perform complex and cross-functional management tasks within the company.


Integrated Management System

Supports companies to integrate different management systems.


Process optimization

Systematic improvement of workflows and business processes.



Learn how digitalization changes our society and our economy.

Digital Disruption

Digital Disruption

The radical change of markets and business models.

Digital Business Model

Digital Business Model

Creating value through Digital Innovation

Key-Success Factors for Digital Transformation

Digital Innovation

Why it‘s different from traditional innovation management


Digital Strategy

Is an action plan for implementing digital transformation in a company.

Innovation Wiki Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Transition of economy and society as an evolutionary process.

Innovation management

Innovation management

Innovation management requires rethinking

What is innovation software?

Enables ideation , idea generation and the implementation of new ideas.

ISO 56002 Innovation Management

First international standard for innovation management and an innovation management systems.

Innovation Process

New approaches for a successful innovation process

Innovation Culture

Innovation culture as the engine of innovation

Innovation Capability

Why companies need a high degree of innovation capability

Innovation strategy

What is an innovation strategy?

Innovation Team

Essential for successful innovation management.

Innovation Lab

The development turbo for innovation.

Disruptive Innovation

Refers to the establishment of new products and services.

Radical Innovation

A management concept with the goal of long-term growth.

Innovation network

Organizational structure to implement business innovation faster.

Service Innovation

Development and successful introduction of new services for customers.

Business Model Innovation

Successfully implemented innovations in the business model of companies.


Product Development

Describes the process of creating a product.

Innovation Challenge

Innovation challenge within a company. Boosting idea and innovation management


Co-creation as a method of innovation involving external persons.

Open Innovation

Open your innovation process, integrate your customer’s ideas

Open Innovation Community

Exploring new ways of developing ideas.

Idea management

Idea management

Idea management is more important for companies today than ever before.


Continuous improvement process in companies

CI Manager

What is a Continuous Improvement Manager?

Idea generation

Process of systematically searching for new approaches to solutions.

Fuzzy Front End of Innovation

The early phase of the innovation process.

Key success factors process improvement

Systematic optimization of workflows and business processes.

What is ideation?

Describes the process in which new ideas are created.

What is knowledge management?

The establishment of knowledge management brings measurable benefits to companies.

Quality management and certification


ISO Certification

Companies prove that they comply with standards such as ISO 9001.

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