Simple. Effective. Integrated.

Identify and assess business risks easier than ever before

With the Risk Management Software module of the Innolytics® Suite, you can easily and efficiently establish a risk management system according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 31000:2018.

Conduct risk audits.

Analyze and evaluate risks.

Get an overview in real time.

Implement measures efficiently and in an audit-proof manner.

Easily integrate your risk management into other management systems. Minimize complexity, create efficient interfaces. The module is part of the comprehensive Innolytics® Suite, the world’s most easy-to-use application for integrated management systems.

Risk Management Software: Simple. Effective. Integrated.

Innolytics® Risk Management Software is designed for companies looking for a simple, yet effective solution. Integrate it easily into all your business functions: Occupational Health & Safety, IT Security, Supply Chain Management, Quality and Sustainability Management, Knowledge and Innovation Management.

Risk audits

Identify risks through digital checklists, inspections and controls

Risk assessment

Assess risks and potential financial impacts with just a few clicks

Risk reduction

Implement measures and verify effectiveness

Risk prevention

Increase employee awareness, continuously improve your risk management

Smart functions for smart risk management

Perform risk audits up to 80 percent more efficiently

Choose between different levels of automation. From conventional risk audits to fully automated evaluations and categorization of risk classes.

All risks at a glance

Transparent processes ensure that you can view the status of all risks for your company with just a few clicks.

Evaluate and analyze possible impacts

Evaluate risks based on various criteria, such as probability of occurrence and possible consequences.

Simple. Effective. Integrated.
Three reasons for Innolytics®


Less training and administration effort due to an intuitive user interface concept


Revision-proof and standard-compliant: The most important functions for an effective continuous improvement process


Less friction, higher efficiency: part of an integrated management system

Overview of selected functions

Risk Management Software: Customer Use Cases

Avoiding risks to reputation

Risks for the own reputation often strike companies unprepared. With the Innolytics® risk management software you gain an early overview of potential risks to your company’s reputation. Develop appropriate measures to prevent damage to your company’s reputation. And create action plans for the worst case scenario.

Evaluation of innovation risks

Developing and launching new products and services is important, but it also involves risks. Innolytics® risk management software helps you evaluate them and develop measures to avert the greatest risks. The connection feature allows you to combine risk and innovation management.

Risks for IT security

Your IT experts notice a potential risk? With Innolytics® risk management software, risks to IT security can be submitted, discussed and evaluated. Thus, your company fulfills an important requirement of ISO 27001 for information security.


ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Identifying and assessing risks is one of the core requirements for ISO 9001:2015 certification. Using the shortcut function, you can fulfill an important requirement of the standard: Connect your risk management with all your core processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Innolytics® Risk Management Software

What are the benefits of risk management software? Why do companies use it? In our FAQ you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Yes. The Innolytics® risk management software enables you to perform simple, efficient and audit-proof digital supplier audits. The multi-language capability makes the tool applicable worldwide. Risks can be identified, evaluated and calculated, the tool automatically suggests measures to eliminate or mitigate risks. By default, the legally specified requirements are stored as a question set with automatic evaluation.

Yes. Innolytics® allows you to set up and customize processes. You can define different process phases to which different functions are assigned. For example, risk evaluation can take place at the beginning of the process, and measures can be created in the measure development phase, which will be evaluated and released in a later process step. The individual functions can be freely defined for each process step.

Yes, this is one of the key features of the Innolytics® software for management systems. For example, if risks for supply chain stability, product quality, in the area of occupational safety or information security are discovered during a risk audit, they can be transferred to workflows for improving occupational safety, information security or quality management. By integrating the Risk Management Software module, you drastically reduce losses at the interfaces between different management systems and departments.

Yes. Innolytics® is a multilingual platform. Contents, e.g. risks created by Chinese employees, are automatically translated into the other languages of the platform. Innolytics® is therefore particularly suitable for companies that want to use their risk management software to audit international suppliers or sites, analyze risks and effectively implement risk mitigation measures.
Yes. The Innolytics® Software Suite including the Risk Management Software module has standardized interfaces to other programs, for example, customer databases, ERP systems such as SAP, software for supplier management or Microsoft Office. The connection is made via interfaces that comply with industry standards such as SAML and REST. Innolytics® thus fits seamlessly into your existing software environment.
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