Innolytics®: We simplify complex management systems.

The world’s simplest solution for implementing integrated management systems. That is the mission of Innolytics AG. Our mission is to radically simplify the increasingly complex requirements of business management. By providing a solution that helps companies reduce complexity, cut costs and automate processes. Based on a simple concept: an all-in-one solution for multiple use cases.

Innolytics®: As simple as possible. As comprehensive as necessary.

Do you know the Pareto principle? 20 percent of all your activities are responsible for 80 percent of your success. It is the same with software. We have analyzed hundreds of software solutions and identified the functions that are really critical to success for companies. We have integrated these functions into an all-in-one software.

What we stand for

In Innolytics AG’s charter, we describe our vision and values:

Our mission: All-in-one instead of an increasingly complex IT landscape

Imagine a world where all your electrical appliances have different plugs and are designed for different voltages. Sure, you can buy adapters and voltage converters and somehow connect the devices together. But that’s complicated. It’s simpler, plugs and voltage are the same everywhere.

Just like in your IT landscape: Of course you can connect different solutions with each other. But it would be easier if everything fit together. And fits effortlessly into your existing IT structure. Innolytics® is the solution with the uniform plug. Everything fits together. Everything can be linked within seconds.

Connect your idea management with your knowledge management, your quality management with your compliance management, internal audits with your complaint management and much more. Dramatically reduce the number of interfaces you have. Develop a company where silo thinking is a thing of the past. Create real synergies through true integration.

For 80 percent of all Innolytics® customers, the implementation of our solutions pays for itself in less than six months.

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