Business Management Software Guide

Guidance in choosing the right solutions

The search for business management software is complex. You will be confronted with many terms and use cases. This Business Management Software Guide gives you an overview of different types of business management software, their use cases, and basic functions.

Business management software for collaboration and cooperation

Business management software that promotes collaboration in businesses and organizations is referred to as Collaboration Software, Team Software, or Social Intranet Software. You will find expert articles describing the tasks and functions here.


Collaboration sofware

Learn what collaboration software is and the benefits of using it in your company.

Business management software for structured collaboration

Business management software supports agile project management methods and workflow setup and automation.

What is Workflow Software?

Supports companies in organizing and efficiently designing work and business processes.


Management Systems Software

Management systems software supports companies to integrate different management systems into one platform.


What is process management software?

Helps companies to easily administer an overview of their business processes.

Business Management Software for Knowledge, Quality, Idea and Innovation Management

Here you will find a list of enterprise software applications that support specific application areas in the company. For example, knowledge management, idea management, or innovation management.

What is idea management software?

Supports companies to gain ideas and suggestions from their employees.


What is innovation software?

Collaborate on ideas and develop successful innovations.


What is risk management software?

Helps companies minimize risks to their business processes and business model.


What is quality management software?

Helps companies implement the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, among others.