Digital Transformation Guiding Questions


Six guiding questions for successful digital transformation Digital change and digital transformation will intensively occupy all departments of companies in the coming years. Digitalization is no longer just the task of one specialist department (for example, a Chief Digital Officer), but affects the work of all specialist departments. Marketing and sales, product development and production, […]

Corona Digitalization Innovation

Corona Digitalization Innovation

How the coronavirus will stimulate digitalization and innovation in the long term Epidemics and diseases have always been a driving force for innovation in humanity. The coronavirus will possibly lead to a significant boost in digitalization and digital transformation. There is a historical example of this. The plague in the European Middle Ages was initially seen mainly as an obstacle […]

Business Trends


The most relevant business trends for the decade of fundamental change The years up to 2030 will be the decade of fundamental change, in which business innovation and digitalization will transform markets even faster than in the previous ten years. From 2020 onwards, the speed of transformation and digital transformation will accelerate further. Business trends […]

Key Success Factors for Digital Transformation

Key-Success Factors for Digital Transformation

Key Success Factors for Digital Transformation Digital Disruption and Digital Transformation are changing markets and businesses like never before. Currently, the discussion about digitalization and digital innovation is entering a new phase. How can companies become winners of digitalization? How can digital transformation be successfully managed within a company? In this article you will learn […]

Difference between innovation and digitalization

Innovation and digitalization – What is the difference? Digitalization requires companies to undergo digital transformation. Or is it innovation? There are confusions in a lot of companies. Is innovation, digital innovation and digitalization actually the same? What is the difference? In this article you will learn the difference between innovation and digitalization. In our free […]

How continuous improvement drives digitalization

CIP as driver of digitalization

How Continuous Improvement drives digitalization The continuous improvement process CIP is the engine of process innovation and organizational innovation. Traditionally realized by improvement processes or the idea management continuous improvement serves to keep processes lean and to ensure quality. But in the age of digitalization it is not only about the optimization of existing processes, […]

Digital Roadmap

Digital Roadmap

Digital Roadmap 2020: How your digitization strategy should look now Have you already developed your Digital Roadmap for the next decade? By 2030, the most important digital trends will become part of everyday life: It will be the decade of artificial intelligence. The Internet of Things and the 5G mobile communications standard will bring a […]

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