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While we are processing your request for the Innolytics® continuous improvement software, you are welcome to watch our tutorial videos on this page. In these tutorials you will get to know different functions and possible uses of the software.


Continuous improvement software – video tutorials

Part 1: Overview and input of ideas

This video explains the idea overview and the idea input of the idea management software Innolytics® Ideas. The following functions are presented:

Overview of ideasFiltering ideas by topic
Idea inputFree text search
Upload images, display of
⇒ picture galleries
Concept assistant: Development of concepts
⇒ on the basis of key questions
Upload and play videosNews feed for users
Ideation status displayComment and Rate Ideas


Part 2: Evaluation and prioritisation of ideas

Overview of ideas Filtering ideas by topic
Idea input Free text search
Upload images, view images from
⇒ picture galleries
Concept Assistant: Development of Concepts
⇒ on the basis of key questions
Upload and play videos News feed for users
Display idea status Comment and rate ideas


Part 3: User registration and administration

User registration: Various options,
Social Media Login, restricted to
Address spaces
User administration: filtering of users,
Search for specific users with
specific properties
Upload User groups, interfaces to
existing user databases
Manual creation and assignment of
individual users
Equipment and configuration of
User profiles
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