What is management systems software?

Management systems software helps companies to integrate different management systems into one platform. The advantage: Management systems such as quality management, knowledge management, the continuous improvement process, or Idea management can be managed with one interface without high administration effort. Companies aiming for an ISO-Certification according to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001, or  ISO 14001 can use software for integrated management systems to prove more easily during an internal or external audit that their management system is compliant with the standard


The Innolytics® software combines different management systems on one platform.

Advantages of management systems software

The use of management systems software offers companies a key advantage: Instead of implementing an Idea management software, a Quality management software, and a Risk Management Software as different software platforms, all of these use cases can be managed in a single software. This has many advantages.

  • Minimal administration: All business management systems in the software can be easily and centrally managed by a single person. This gives companies the ability to implement and administer management systems quickly and easily.

  • High flexibility: The use of management systems software varies from company to company. For some, the focus is on information and knowledge management, while for others it is on idea management and innovation management. Still, others need ISO 9001 certification as part of a tender process and are looking for a customer complaint management solution at the same time. The use of management systems software offers companies the opportunity to implement different management systems according to a modular principle.

  • Transparency and accessibility: If different management systems exist within a company, things can quickly get out of hand and individual employees may not even be aware of it. “What? We have a quality management system in-house?” By using management systems software, companies create transparency and accessibility. And exactly to the extent that you need it. A system of roles and rights ensures that all employees can only see the information that is intended for them.

  • Use of interfaces between different management systems: There is significant overlap between different management systems. For example, virtually all of them – whether energy management, environmental and sustainability management, or innovation management – involve continuous improvement. Once defined, a CI process can therefore be a component of several management systems. This can be easily mapped with software for integrated management systems.

Companies considering whether to purchase a management systems software should pay attention to the future development of their management systems right from the beginning. And consider from the outset which management systems they additionally want to implement in the future and whether the acquisition of software for integrated management systems is not fundamentally more sensible.

Innolytics®: Management Systems Software

The Innolytics® Management Systems Software integrates different management systems in one software platform. No matter if companies want to operate Idea management, Innovation Management, CIP, knowledge management, Risk management, Quality Management, or other management systems, different management systems can be created and added quickly and easily. The Innolytics® software is highly flexible and adapts to companies.

  • For example, you would like to introduce an idea management system at your various locations around the world.
  • At the same time, you are aiming for ISO 9001 certification for a specific part of your company – e.g., the purchasing process.
  • Further, you would like to provide a knowledge database for your employees in the field.

All these requirements can be implemented quickly, easily, and uncomplicated with the Innolytics® Management Systems Software. Due to the high flexibility of the software, you can completely adapt it to your needs.