Innovation management Process Domo Chemicals

case study domo chemicals

Innovation management process at DOMO Chemicals – understanding as an elementary part of the creative process In this article you will learn about the innovation management process of DOMO-Chemicals, an international manufacturer of specialty chemicals. The company produces polymers for the automotive, textile and plastics industries at its sites in Leuna (D), Premnitz (D), Buford, […]

Innovation in SMEs

innovation in smes

Five ways SMEs can innovate successfully Innovation in SMEs is subject to special conditions. Although effective idea management and innovation management is at least as important for the competitiveness of medium-sized companies as it is for large corporations, resources are often lacking. While large corporations employ innovation managers and have their own departments for innovation and […]

Creative processes in idea management

creativ processes in innovation management

How idea management software supports the creative process Numerous companies use idea management software to support the process of brainstorming and idea development. In recent years, the tools have mostly emulated a process that previously existed analogously: Ideas were entered into the idea management software. These were evaluated by first and second assessors, a decision […]

Innovation management – Trends 2020

Innovation management trends 2020

Innovation Management – Trends 2020 Markets are changing – innovation management is changing too In recent years, classic innovation management has primarily dealt with the development of technical innovations, new products and innovative product features. In order to cope with these tasks, an innovation process was established in numerous companies, which provided a clear process […]

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