Innovation projects


Innovation projects: Mastering the challenge of implementation What are the main barriers to successful business innovation, innovation management and innovation projects? Why does the realization of innovation initiatives always take so long? The answers to these questions are virtually the same every time: no explicit innovation objectives, a lack of resources, insufficient time for implementation. […]

Business Trends


The most relevant business trends for the decade of fundamental change The years up to 2030 will be the decade of fundamental change, in which business innovation and digitalization will transform markets even faster than in the previous ten years. From 2020 onwards, the speed of transformation and digital transformation will accelerate further. Business trends […]

Innovation Trends


How Innovation Emerges from Trends Increasingly, innovations are based on trends. Digitalization and digital transformation will radically change the innovation management of companies in the coming years. New digital business models are emerging on the basis of new technologies such as the block chain, artificial intelligence or edge computing. Business innovation is increasingly technology-driven. The analysis of technological trends, […]

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