Innovation projects: Mastering the challenge of implementation

What are the main barriers to successful business innovation, innovation management and innovation projects? Why does the realization of innovation initiatives always take so long? The answers to these questions are virtually the same every time: no explicit innovation objectives, a lack of resources, insufficient time for implementation. The result: innovation projects are launched on the basis of the innovation strategy and the digital strategy of a company, but they are not implemented consistently. The speed of execution is constantly decreasing.

In this article, you will discover four helpful advices that will help you to successfully implement your innovation projects. The Innolytics® innovation software supports companies in this. Innovation teams can enter, discuss and evaluate ideas, assign responsibilities and define milestones. Implementation can be managed through tasks, milestones and the development of an innovation roadmap.

Define specific and achievable goals for your innovation projects

In your innovation projects you do not have to reinvent the wheel every day. Start with a project that is realistic and achievable, yet courageous.

At the very least, set yourself one big goal that you want to achieve in your innovation projects within the next three months. Start as realistically as possible. Think about what you can realistically achieve in the time you have reserved for yourself.

In your innovation projects you want to automate the entire customer service with the help of chatbots? And you are willing to just spend one day a week doing so? Doesn’t really sound realistic. But what you can do in three months: Work out a concept for specific use cases of the chatbot, look at three or four different providers of chatbots and develop a small self-made demo. That is quite realistic. Set yourself at least one specific goal that you are sure you can achieve.

Plan enough time for your innovation projects!

Finding time for innovation projects is one of the most difficult challenges. Everyday routine always comes in between: quickly answering fifty e-mails, completing a report, attending meetings. Think about how much time you want to devote to your innovation projects over the next three months. Half a day a week? One day? Two hours a day? Block this time in your calendar right now. Defend this time against all external requests. This is an important part of the innovation capability of companies and teams, but also of each individual.

Start developing new ideas to overcome obstacles in your innovation projects!

Innovation projects require ideas. Not only at the beginning, but to overcome problems and obstacles. But especially ideation and idea generation sessions rarely takes place in reality. The main reason is a lack of creative freedom. There is simply not enough time to think about new solutions. Use the time you have at your disposal to develop one or two new ideas every day. Evaluate all ideas and prioritize them. The best ideas are the ones that move you forward! The Innolytics® software supports you in developing ideas, discussing them with colleagues, evaluating them and implementing them in your innovation projects.

Implement your innovation projects rigorously!

You have specific goals, sufficient time and enough ideas. Now the most difficult step is about to be taken! The implementation. Consider the following for every idea or initiative that you want to implement:

  • What are the most important milestones on the road to success?
  • Which intermediate steps do you want to have achieved by when?
  • What specific tasks need to be completed to make implementation a reality?

Ensure that the realization is a binding commitment for your innovation projects! With the Innolytics® idea management software and innovation management software you have a tool that supports you from idea generation to the implementation of innovation projects.

If you follow these advices, nothing will stand in the way of realizing successful innovation projects in the coming months! We wish you every success in implementing your innovation projects!


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