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Innovation Trends

How Innovation Emerges from Trends Increasingly, innovations are based on trends. Digitalization and digital transformation will radically change the innovation management of companies in the coming years. New digital business models are

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customer driven innovation

Customer driven innovation

How complaints boost customer-driven innovation Turn negative feedback into competitive advantage What is the secret of companies that successfully deliver customer-driven innovation? The review of customer complaints is an integral

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Continuous Improvement Program

Four success factors for a highly effective Continuous Improvement Program A continuous improvement program helps companies to implement organizational innovation as efficiently as possible: Saving time, cutting costs, avoiding unnecessary

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Key-Success Factors for Digital Transformation

Key Success Factors for Digital Transformation

Key Success Factors for Digital Transformation Digital Disruption and Digital Transformation are changing markets and businesses like never before. Currently, the discussion about digitalization and digital innovation is entering a

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Difference between innovation and digitalization

Innovation and digitalization – What is the difference? Digitalization requires companies to undergo digital transformation. Or is it innovation? There are confusions in a lot of companies. Is innovation, digital

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bright ideas

Bright Idea

How to develop a bright idea How do you come up with a bright idea? The famous inventor Thomas Edison had a simple answer to this question: “To have a

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