bright ideas

How to develop a bright idea

How do you come up with a bright idea? The famous inventor Thomas Edison had a simple answer to this question:

“To have a great idea, have a lot of them.”

Although this quote is more than one hundred years old, it has not lost any of its relevance. Whether for digital strategy, innovation management or the continuous improvement process – teams and companies constantly need bright ideas. But how does a bright idea emerge? And what really stimulates ideation and creativity?

The answer is simple: Thomas Edison had a quota of ideas.

“A minor invention every ten days and a big thing every six months.”

He and his team had to meet this challenge.

Edison’s secret for bright ideas: A quota of ideas

From the multitude of new ideas, the really ingenious ones emerge one after the other. Bright ideas that are unique and that really move you forward. Bright ideas for product development, for digital business models or for unique service innovations. With the Innolytics® software you can develop, evaluate and analyze ideas to see if you have achieved your idea quota.

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One bright idea every day!

Finding time for idea generation is not easy. Developing a bright idea leads to great results, but there is not enough time to do it every day.

  • Take fifteen minutes every day to develop new ideas. Put a reminder in your personal agenda!

  • Define a goal: one bright idea every day. At the end of the weeks you already have five, at the end of a month more than twenty bright ideas.

If you work in a team of five and make the rule “one bright idea a day” a routine, there are more than 1,000 ideas that emerge in the course of a year.

With the Innolytics® software you can evaluate and prioritize your ideas. At the end you can check whether you have achieved your goals. The Innolytics® software makes idea generation fun. You earn points for each activity and playfully become an innovation champion.

Start to develop your first bright idea now!

The Innolytics® Idea Management Software helps you and your team to develop bright ideas. Without limiting your ingenuity. No matter if you had a productive week and the ideas were just bubbling up or if you were once less active: You can generate, evaluate, comment and successfully implement an unlimited number of bright ideas.

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