What you need to know about Innovation Metrics

Everything About Innovation Metrics in 2020 Innovation metrics are important to drive innovation in a successful business. Innovation means coming up with creative ways to do something different. But in order to fully understand if a new approach – for example in continuous improvement or service innovation is actually effective, companies have to measure innovation. […]

Driving innovation in agriculture: the use of innovation software at RWZ


Driving innovation in agriculture: the use of innovation software at RWZ Continuous improvement, Innovation management and digitalization are the key drivers of competitiveness in agriculture. Increasingly, innovation in agriculture and in farming is driven by data. As the third largest German agricultural cooperative, Raiffeisen Waren-Zentrale Rhein-Main eG (RWZ) supports farmers by trading with agricultural products, […]

Innovation projects


Innovation projects: Mastering the challenge of implementation What are the main barriers to successful business innovation, innovation management and innovation projects? Why does the realization of innovation initiatives always take so long? The answers to these questions are virtually the same every time: no explicit innovation objectives, a lack of resources, insufficient time for implementation. […]

Innovation Trends


How Innovation Emerges from Trends Increasingly, innovations are based on trends. Digitalization and digital transformation will radically change the innovation management of companies in the coming years. New digital business models are emerging on the basis of new technologies such as the block chain, artificial intelligence or edge computing. Business innovation is increasingly technology-driven. The analysis of technological trends, […]

Customer driven innovation

customer driven innovation

How complaints boost customer-driven innovation Turn negative feedback into competitive advantage What is the secret of companies that successfully deliver customer-driven innovation? The review of customer complaints is an integral part of their innovation strategy. Results have a direct impact on the innovation process. These companies use every complaint as a driving force for customer-driven […]

Difference between innovation and digitalization

Innovation and digitalization – What is the difference? Digitalization requires companies to undergo digital transformation. Or is it innovation? There are confusions in a lot of companies. Is innovation, digital innovation and digitalization actually the same? What is the difference? In this article you will learn the difference between innovation and digitalization. In our free […]

Top 10 Innovation Killer Phrases

Idea objection

Top 10 Innovation Killer Phrases In many of the companies we work with, we hear killer phrases regarding the need for business innovation. One side says: “Digitization and business innovation will change markets more radically in the next decade than in the past twenty years. Innovation, a clear innovation strategy with an innovation roadmap and […]

Barriers to Creativity and Innovation

creativity and innovation barriers

How to overcome barriers to Creativity and Innovation “Think disruptive!” “Be creative!” “Just leave the existing behind you!” These are the classic pieces of advice for successful innovation management: Simply think outside the box. Forget all barriers to creativity and innovation. And be completely free in your mind. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? But is it […]

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