Free innovation software collaboration software

Innolytics® launches free innovation and collaboration software for enterprises and organizations Markets are changing faster. For companies of all sizes – from small enterprises to large corporations – business innovation is one of the most important competitive factors. Until today there has been a major problem: professional collaboration and innovation software is expensive. A major challenge, especially for small […]

Innolytics Software Update May 2018

Update Ideenmanagement Software

Idea Management and Innovation Management Software Overview of the Ideation Quality Update in May 2018 Faster recognition of how many employees are enthusiastic about your Idea management, your Continuous improvement process and your Innovation management. Support the process of systematic idea development through high-quality concepts and visual prototypes. Improve the quality of your cross-divisional and […]

Idea management software update March 2018

Update Ideenmanagement Software

Idea Management Software and Innovation Management Software: Update March 2018 With the latest update, the Innolytics® idea management software and innovation management software gains a number of new functions to manage idea and innovation campaigns even more efficiently and to increase participation. Additional functions have been implemented to further strengthen the use of the software […]

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