What is workflow software?

Workshop software helps companies to organize work and business processes and to design them efficiently. By defining clearly structured workflows and processes, companies can increase their productivity, improve their quality through process improvement and continuously increase their customer orientation. In this article you will learn what workflow software is, what it does and how it supports companies.

Definition Workflow Software

definition-workflow-software-innolytics-innovationWorkflow software (also known as BPM software or business process management software) allows companies to develop business processes and workflows and map them in clear transparent processes.

The use of workflow software and BPM software is usually carried out by companies that want to

  • better structure their internal processes and thus make them more efficient,
  • develop new business processes and control the performance of these processes and/or
  • want to introduce a management system such as ISO 9001:2015 (quality management) as part of an ISO certification.

Workflow software allows companies to continuously increase their productivity and thus to improve their competitiveness.

The advantages of workflow software

The use of workflow software has various advantages for companies. Apart from the economic advantages (higher productivity and lower administration costs), there are also qualitative advantages that an introduction of workflow software brings.

  • Higher quality: Mapping business processes in clearly defined procedures and workflows gives companies the advantage of routine. Whether, for example, a new customer inquiry is answered no longer depends on whether individual employees see it, but is regulated by a clear and reliable process. Companies that have defined a fast and uniform response to customer complaints as one of their quality objectives benefit accordingly from the use of workflow software.

  • Greater transparency: The use of workflow software allows companies to make the processing status of processes transparent to selected employees, teams and departments. Questions like: “Does anyone know the status of X?” or “Has incident Y been processed?” are a thing of the past. Greater transparency in the processes thus brings an increase in efficiency.

  • Greater reliability: Business transactions that are mapped in clearly defined process steps can be completed more reliably than those that are completed more by chance. The introduction of workflow software in the company therefore also brings a higher degree of reliability with it.

Workflow software and/or BPM software bring provable and measurable advantages for enterprises with them.

Example for the application of workflow software

Generally speaking, everything in a company that can be mapped in processes and business procedures can be realized by workflow software. Within different industries there are specific business processes which are developed individually. An exemplary business process, which is realized by workflow software, can be found in the management of customer complaints.

Business process for handling customer complaints

With the help of workflow software, customer complaints can and easily be transformed into reliable business processes. First, the different processing steps are defined, for example:

  • Complaint received,

  • Complaint in progress,

  • Decision on possible compensation,

  • Compensation proposal made,

  • Compensation not accepted,

  • Compensation accepted,

  • Done.

Different roles and decision criteria can be defined within a workflow. For example, the amount of compensation can be made dependent on:

  • how likely it is that customers will terminate their contracts,

  • how great an image loss could be suffered in the event of publication of the incident, or

  • how high the damage is, the customer has actually suffered.

In addition, a workflow software allows the definition of persons responsible and specified areas of specialization (e.g. description of the concrete customer damage). Decision-making bodies and evaluation criteria can be defined, according to which a decision on possible compensation is made.

The Innolytics® workflow software

Innolytics® allows companies to implement workflow software quickly and easily. The web-based software can be created immediately, and it is permanently free of charge for 15 users.

Companies can select and modify preconfigured workflows or create their own. Process automation supports the management of processes. More information about Innolytics® workflow software can be found on the product page.