Advantages of an effective idea management


These are the advantages of effective idea management The basic idea of idea management is very simple: Employees make suggestions for savings, and in return, they receive a percentage of the sum of these savings. Efficient idea management brings measurable economic benefits. Ideas management stops waste: Employees systematically search for superfluous material consumption and rejects […]

Digital Transformation Guiding Questions


Six guiding questions for successful digital transformation Digital change and digital transformation will intensively occupy all departments of companies in the coming years. Digitalization is no longer just the task of one specialist department (for example, a Chief Digital Officer), but affects the work of all specialist departments. Marketing and sales, product development and production, […]

Innovation management in SME

How innovation management becomes a success in medium-sized businesses Innovation and innovation management are among the most important success factors in medium-sized businesses. Through product development and the introduction of service innovations small and medium-sized enterprises can achieve competitive advantages. Systematic idea generation, the design of innovation processes, the development of innovation culture and the […]

Risk management and innovation management


Risk management and innovation management: How risks are turned into opportunities One of the most common pieces of advice in crisis situations is “You have to look on the bright side and seize the opportunities.” But how does that actually work? How can companies identify and evaluate risks? And how can opportunities for innovation, greater […]

Innovation management success factors – How to prevent failures


Five success factors for your innovation management Digitalization has brought many benefits for innovation management. Companies work more flexibly, faster, and more effectively than ever before. Innovation strategies can be implemented more effectively if employees use principles of collaboration to jointly implement innovation projects. In this article you will learn about five important success factors […]

Corona Digitalization Innovation

Corona Digitalization Innovation

How the coronavirus will stimulate digitalization and innovation in the long term Epidemics and diseases have always been a driving force for innovation in humanity. The coronavirus will possibly lead to a significant boost in digitalization and digital transformation. There is a historical example of this. The plague in the European Middle Ages was initially seen mainly as an obstacle […]

What you need to know about Innovation Metrics

Everything About Innovation Metrics in 2020 Innovation metrics are important to drive innovation in a successful business. Innovation means coming up with creative ways to do something different. But in order to fully understand if a new approach – for example in continuous improvement or service innovation is actually effective, companies have to measure innovation. […]

Five Key Principles for Successful Collaboration

Five Key Principles for Successful Collaboration Definition of collaboration Collaboration refers to a form of teamwork in which the collaborators contribute and complement their different strengths to achieve a common goal. The term is used in the context of business innovation, business leadership and project management. Especially in the process of ideation, idea generation, and implementation of innovative projects, […]

Free innovation software collaboration software

Innolytics® launches free innovation and collaboration software for enterprises and organizations Markets are changing faster. For companies of all sizes – from small enterprises to large corporations – business innovation is one of the most important competitive factors. Until today there has been a major problem: professional collaboration and innovation software is expensive. A major challenge, especially for small […]

Driving innovation in agriculture: the use of innovation software at RWZ


Driving innovation in agriculture: the use of innovation software at RWZ Continuous improvement, Innovation management and digitalization are the key drivers of competitiveness in agriculture. Increasingly, innovation in agriculture and in farming is driven by data. As the third largest German agricultural cooperative, Raiffeisen Waren-Zentrale Rhein-Main eG (RWZ) supports farmers by trading with agricultural products, […]

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