Five Key Principles for Successful Collaboration

Five Key Principles for Successful Collaboration Definition of collaboration Collaboration refers to a form of teamwork in which the collaborators contribute and complement their different strengths to achieve a common goal. The term is used in the context of business innovation, business leadership and project management. Especially in the process of ideation, idea generation, and implementation of innovative projects, […]

Customer Co-Creation

Customer Co-Creation

Customer co-creation – how to integrate customers successfully into your innovation process Customer co-creation has become an integral part of the innovation management of companies. As part of the innovation process customers are directly involved in the product development, in the development of service innovations or digital business models. Customer co-creation is a special form […]

Co-creation and Open Innovation

Open Innovation und Co-Creation

Co-creation and open innovation: innovation strategies for the digital age In times of digital change, companies face a great challenge: In addition to classic idea management and CIP, with which internal ideas for improvement are collected from employees and innovation management for the improvement and further development of existing products, they must enable the development […]

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