What is innovation software?

Innovation Software enables ideation , idea generation and the implementation of new ideas in companies and organizations. It supports the continuous improvement process, idea management, innovation management and digital transformation projects. With the help of innovation software, companies can effectively implement their innovation strategy through trend analyses, technology management and a transparent innovation process. The successful implementation of innovation is measured by a data-driven system to measure innovation.

Modern innovation software such as Innolytics® supports business innovation and digitalization through collaboration approaches and a transparent innovation process: users can discuss trends and ideas for strategic challenges within working groups. This function of innovation software especially supports the early phase of innovation, the so-called Fuzzy Front End of Innovation.

The Innolytics® innovation software enables companies and organizations to quickly and easily collect, discuss, evaluate and successfully implement ideas.


How does innovation software support innovation?

State-of-the-art innovation software supports all processes that are important for companies in their innovation activities: The collection and evaluation of trends and customer needs, well-structured idea and innovation processes, evaluations according to various criteria, the assigning of roles, the possibility of creating tasks and milestones for implementation as well as an innovation controlling feature.

  • Innovation software in the early phase of innovation

    At the beginning of the innovation process, one of the most important challenges is to systematically bring together different sources of ideas and innovation. Typical sources are trend and competitor analyses, customer complaints and workshops to identify vulnerabilities. Technology management, risk management and process management can also provide impulses for innovation. In order to optimally support the early phase of innovation, the Innolytics® innovation software has a modular structure. Modules that are important for a company can be activated with just a few clicks.

  • Innovation software as the driving force behind the idea and innovation process

    A transparent innovation process with well-defined steps ensures transparency in continuous improvement and organizational innovation, in product development as well as in the implementation of service innovations and digital business models. Ideas can be discussed, evaluated and enhanced by definable key questions. Responsibilities and roles can be defined as well as tasks and milestones. In addition, you can automate innovation processes, which significantly reduces administrative effort.

  • Innovation software for communicating innovation

    Traditionally, information about trends and innovations was often distributed via newsletters or in a special section of the corporate newspaper. Innovation software supports innovation communication: information can be distributed faster and more specifically. Trends, news about innovations and publications about innovation methods are published through the blog functionalities of the innovation software. It is also possible to set up a trend database for companies.

  • Innovation software enables companies to create innovation networks

    Users have the opportunity to create their own profiles describing their roles, functions and know-how in the context of innovation. For example, specific roles that users take on in the innovation network, such as innovation coaches, can be defined. Administrators can create role-specific filters so that other users in the innovation network can easily search for innovation coaches, for example.

  • Support of cross-functional collaboration (so-called cross-functional innovation)

    If, for example, an interdisciplinary team is formed in product development to generate ideas, a separate team room can be created for this team. Access to this team room can be granted to all users or restricted to individual users or groups. Innovation software thus supports cross-departmental work in innovation projects.

  • Joint task and project management

    In addition to providing information and exchanging knowledge, innovation software also serves the joint management of innovation projects and tasks. For example, projects, milestones and tasks can be created and managed together.

Software like the Innolytics® idea management software and innovation management software offers the functions described here.

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What are the advantages of innovation software?

When collecting ideas and implementing innovation projects, companies quickly lose the overview: There are different processes for continuous improvement at individual locations, there is an idea management for cross-departmental ideas, an innovation management for product innovations and various projects for digitalization. Innovation software such as Innolytics® allows companies to bundle all innovation activities on a single platform. The high number of documents, mails and Excel tables belongs to the past. With just a few clicks, it is possible to see the status of each project within the company.

Transparent evaluations and decision-making processes help to increase the speed of implementation in innovation projects. A structured innovation process promotes the effective and efficient realization of innovations. Process automation mechanisms even make it possible to automate parts of the innovation process.

Through the principle of collaboration, the quality of innovation projects is continuously increasing: Employees from different departments enter their input into projects at an early stage. The risk of mistakes is significantly reduced.

Innovation software also increases the agility of companies and encourages an implementation-oriented innovation culture. The possibility to assign clear roles and tasks ensures that innovation is not lost in everyday business life.

Companies are constantly informed about the status of all innovation projects. Data-driven innovation controlling shows the extent to which organizations are achieving their innovation goals. An innovation roadmap provides transparency as to which milestones in projects have been reached at which point in time.

Companies that want to implement innovation effectively and efficiently gain great advantages by introducing innovation software.

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