Innovation Management Checklist

Innovation Checklist

Innovation management checklist – an overview of the 15 most important initiatives Business innovation and successful digitalization are among the key drivers of success in the future. More and more, the development and implementation of innovations in every area of the company is becoming a source of competitive advantage. In the past, innovation management was […]

Customer Co-Creation

Customer Co-Creation

Customer co-creation – how to integrate customers successfully into your innovation process Customer co-creation has become an integral part of the innovation management of companies. As part of the innovation process customers are directly involved in the product development, in the development of service innovations or digital business models. Customer co-creation is a special form […]

Idea generation suggestions

Tips Idea Generation

Idea Generation – Five suggestions to generate better ideas Successful idea generation leads to ingenious ideas. Successful business innovation, continuous improvement and idea management are inconceivable without the right ideas. But how does idea generation work best? You’ll find out in this article. Five suggestions for a more effective idea generation process. In our free […]

Lean Innovation

Lean Innovation: Implementing business innovation faster and more efficiently In business innovation, the concept of lean innovation is based on a simple philosophy: More resources do not automatically lead to better innovation. In the lean innovation approach, budget constraints become the driver of a company’s idea management and innovation management. Innovation processes are deliberately kept […]

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