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Innovation management checklist – an overview of the 15 most important initiatives

Business innovation and successful digitalization are among the key drivers of success in the future. More and more, the development and implementation of innovations in every area of the company is becoming a source of competitive advantage. In the past, innovation management was mainly limited to the development of product innovations. Today, innovation takes place in every area of the company.

With our checklist you can review which of the 15 most important initiatives for successful innovation management you have already implemented. You can either use the checklist for your entire company or restrict it to the area in which you work. You will be able to identify the areas of your innovation management in which you have shortcomings. By clicking on the corresponding link you will receive further information.

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Checklist: The 15 most important initiatives for your innovation management

Get first-hand information on the 15 most important initiatives for successful innovation management. Go through them one by one.

Yes No
You have a well-defined and distinct innovation strategy. You have defined goals that you want to achieve through Business Innovation.
You have specified search fields for innovation. Innovation search fields are derived directly from your innovation strategy and describe the areas in which you want to achieve competitive advantages through innovation.
You have established a system for trend analysis and trend evaluation, which allows you to continuously observe the most important developments in your markets.
You observe competitors systematically and evaluate their innovation strategies.
You use ideas and suggestions of your customers through methods like co-creation, customer co-creation and Open Innovation.
You have defined an innovation process, which describes the individual steps from the first idea to the successful implementation.
You have defined clear decision criteria according with which you analyze the quality of your idea generation through structured idea evaluation.
You have defined roles and responsibilities for innovation within your organization, such as internal promoters, innovation coaches or CIP coaches for continuous improvement.
You have identified employees within your company who are enthusiastic about and committed to innovation. You have organised these in an innovation network in which you regularly exchange information.
You have developed measures to build up or further develop your innovation culture, through which you continuously increase your innovation capability.
Your executives take on the role of innovation leaders and actively promote innovation.
For special innovation topics, you have established Innovation Labs, in which employees from different departments promote innovation outside of their day-to-day business.
You have established an innovation measurement, with which you track and evaluate the success of your innovation activities continuously.
You have defined different processes through which you can implement incremental innovation as well as radical innovation and disruptive innovation.
Digital disruption and the development of digital business models are part of your innovation strategy.


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You will probably not have implemented all the elements of this checklist to the same extent for your innovation management. For each subject area we have separate articles which support you in building up your innovation management as efficiently as possible. Click on the links provided. A compact overview of all topics can be found in our Innovation Wiki.

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