Advantages of an effective idea management


These are the advantages of effective idea management The basic idea of idea management is very simple: Employees make suggestions for savings, and in return, they receive a percentage of the sum of these savings. Efficient idea management brings measurable economic benefits. Ideas management stops waste: Employees systematically search for superfluous material consumption and rejects […]

Five Key Principles for Successful Collaboration

Five Key Principles for Successful Collaboration Definition of collaboration Collaboration refers to a form of teamwork in which the collaborators contribute and complement their different strengths to achieve a common goal. The term is used in the context of business innovation, business leadership and project management. Especially in the process of ideation, idea generation, and implementation of innovative projects, […]

Business Trends


The most relevant business trends for the decade of fundamental change The years up to 2030 will be the decade of fundamental change, in which business innovation and digitalization will transform markets even faster than in the previous ten years. From 2020 onwards, the speed of transformation and digital transformation will accelerate further. Business trends […]

Continuous Improvement Program

Four success factors for a highly effective Continuous Improvement Program A continuous improvement program helps companies to implement organizational innovation as efficiently as possible: Saving time, cutting costs, avoiding unnecessary bureaucracy. But how can processes really be improved? For improvement companies use methods such as the continuous improvement process. But something else is important: a […]

Bright Idea

bright ideas

How to develop a bright idea How do you come up with a bright idea? The famous inventor Thomas Edison had a simple answer to this question: “To have a great idea, have a lot of them.” Although this quote is more than one hundred years old, it has not lost any of its relevance. […]

Gerolsteiner Case Study

Case Study Gerolsteiner

Gerolsteiner: Using continuous improvement for digitalization and innovation The case study Gerolsteiner shows how companies can use the methods of continuous improvement and innovation to drive digitalization forward. Can water be digitized? The German beverage manufacturer Gerolsteiner asks itself this question in view of the megatrend of digital transformation. “It’s obvious that you can’t download […]

Five success factors for the continuous improvement process

CIP Success Factors

Five success factors for the continuous improvement process The continuous improvement process is the driver of quality, efficiency and organizational innovation. Facilitated by the continuous improvement manager and the idea management of a company, the continuous improvement process ensures that processes remain lean, efficiency increases continuously and companies inspire their customers with innovation. But what […]

Company examples for successful idea management

idea management examples

Company examples for successful idea management What do you associate with the term idea management and continuous improvement? A slightly rusty idea mailbox, which stands somewhere in a production hall and which employees can throw in ideas? What do you think of the terms idea management process and idea management system? An input form for […]

Idea generation suggestions

Tips Idea Generation

Idea Generation – Five suggestions to generate better ideas Successful idea generation leads to ingenious ideas. Successful business innovation, continuous improvement and idea management are inconceivable without the right ideas. But how does idea generation work best? You’ll find out in this article. Five suggestions for a more effective idea generation process. In our free […]

Idea evaluation

idea evaluation

Idea evaluation – How to identify the best ideas The evaluation of ideas is one of the most complex and demanding tasks in idea management, innovation management as well as in the management of digital transformation in a company. The challenge is to filter out ideas that are within strategic search fields, that are not […]

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