communication in innovation management

Automate communication in idea and innovation management

Idea and innovation management is one of the most complex fields in an organization. From idea generation to idea development, from the innovation process to the creation of an innovation roadmap, there are numerous time-consuming activities. The Innolytics® software has been developed to drastically simplify the administration of ideas and innovations, so that idea and innovation managers can concentrate on the content component as well as on the goals of the innovation strategy.

The new Innolytics® Software Mailing Center

The new Innolytics® Idea Management Software and Innovation Management Software Mailing Center automates time-consuming activities of idea and innovation managers who run a platform or campaign:

  • Remind idea creators when they don’t respond to comments

  • Trigger team members when the next milestone approaches

  • Inform users when the status of an idea changes

The mailing centre manages all communication between the platform and users as well as between administrators and users. Thus it facilitates routine tasks in innovation management and in idea management.

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Communication is a key factor for the activation and continuous commitment of employees to idea and innovation management

The mailing center ensures that users of the platform receive exactly the information that is relevant and important to them. It creates the balance between too little information (users don’t get what’s happening on the platform) and too much information (users are overwhelmed with information). In the mailing center, it is possible to define exactly which events on the platform trigger notifications and in which form this should take place.

For a platform with few users, for example, it can be defined that users are notified of every new idea or comment. On platforms with a high number of users and high activity, these notifications can be bundled so that users are not overloaded with information. The ability to fine-tune the process ensures that a company’s idea and innovation management remains a hot topic for employees – without annoying them.

The features of the Mailing Center

In the new mailing center, almost 30 so-called “events” have been defined at which a notification is triggered. These events can be:

  • Someone who is followed by a user has created a new idea

  • A user has not logged in for a long time

  • An administrator has published a new blog post

  • The idea or contribution of a user has reached a new status

  • An idea of a user was commented

  • A user was specifically mentioned in a post or comment

  • The next milestone of a roadmap is due

In the mailing center you can define which user groups (users, moderators, administrators) are notified at which event with what priority. At the same time, you can define which messages appear in the activity stream of the platform.

The interaction between email notifications and instant notifications on the platform can also be configured. For example, it can be specified that users are notified of an event directly on the platform when they are online and receive an e-mail when they are not online. These sophisticated notification mechanisms make it possible to create complex notification scenarios so that users do not receive information multiple times.

On the platform, users can define the way in which they want to receive notifications: immediately when an event occurs or in the form of a daily summary. It is also possible to deactivate notifications completely. However – also a new feature of the Mailing Center – administrators can prioritize individual notifications to such an extent that they ignore the basic settings of users.

In order to keep complexity as low as possible, Innolytics customers receive the platform with preconfigured notification scenarios. Therefore no configuration is necessary at the beginning. However, administrators can change the settings in the Mailing Center at any time.

The new Innolytics® Mailing Center is thus an essential driver for the activation of employees and the automation of standard activities in idea and innovation management.