innovation implementation

Successful implementation of innovation

We have enough ideas, but we are struggling to implement them.

Not surprising: The path from idea generation to the implemented business innovation is filled with obstacles. Technical challenges have to be overcome, customers do not understand the first product designs or even reject them, expected savings do not materialize immediately. The Innolytics® software supports you in successfully implementing innovation. In this article, you will learn how.


1. Structuring the path from idea to innovation – using the process manager

  1. Where stands each idea?
  2. Who is responsible for the implementation?
  3. Is there already a timetable for implementation?

All of these questions come up while designing an innovation process in innovation management. The Process Manager will help you to structure your innovation projects using a flexible agile process.

Open the process manager in the user administration. You can define the individual stages of your innovation process from here. Some of our customers have only three stages:

  1. submitted
  2. implemented
  3. rejected

Others have innovation processes with ten or more stages. The process manager allows you to structure your idea management, continuous improvement process and innovation management. You can activate or deactivate different functions at each stage of the process.


2. Establish clear responsibilities – with the Role Manager

It is normal for innovation teams to grow in the course of a project. In the beginning, a team usually consists only of the author of an idea. The more the process of idea development progresses, the more important collaboration and teamwork become.

Other roles are added: innovation coaches as sparring partners or so-called “innovation sponsors” from top management who are available as mentors. With the Innolytics® software, you can define these roles and link them to specific stages in the innovation process.

Let’s assume that you want to define the role of a project manager in the implementation phase. As soon as an idea has reached the status of “implementation”, this role becomes active. You can define who is allowed to assign a role (administrators, moderators or all team members) and who is permitted to deselect it. You can filter postings by who has a particular role. In order to ensure transparency, users will find all roles assigned to them in their profile.


3. Create mandatory schedules: The Roadmap

Innolytics® supports users in implementing ideas step by step to make an innovation successful. As an innovation manager, you can define a process that users must adhere to. You can determine which steps follow one another. Some of our customers strictly specify this process, others want to give their teams the freedom to change the sequence of steps and/or add their own milestones.

The Innolytics® software makes this possible. The “Roadmap” feature gives you an overview of where your company stands on a given day. The general overview gives innovation managers a precise summary.


4. Automatic reminders in the implementation phase

Especially in busy daily business, employees quickly forget about the fact that their next milestone is due very soon. The routine business has become overly intensive again.

You can define automatic reminders in the Innolytics® software. For example, users receive automatic reminders shortly before reaching a milestone. Even if they have not worked on their project for a long time, the system automatically reminds them. These reminder functions are important drivers on the way to implementation.


Successful implementation of innovation

Innolytics® idea management software, continuous improvement software and innovation management software enables you to efficiently manage the entire innovation process – from the initial idea to successful implementation. Learn more about the Innolytics® software in an exclusive exchange with our innovation experts. In your personal webinar, you will be introduced to the various features and learn how to successfully implement innovation in your company.



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