What is the Fuzzy Front End of Innovation?

A Brief Description About Fuzzy Front End of Innovation

Fuzzy front end of innovation

While in the later stages of innovation management projects are usually driven forward by clear process steps and an innovation measurement, at the Fuzzy Front End of Innovation the focus is on the identification of opportunities and idea generation.

The Fuzzy Front End of Innovation is characterized by the fact that it leverages the so-called swarm intelligence of a large number of people. Through methods such as Open Innovation and Co-creation, customers are involved at an early stage of the innovation process. Creativity techniques are also used.


More important than a structured innovation process in the early phase of innovation is a clear innovation strategy that sets the direction as well as an innovation culture that supports the development of new ideas.

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The Fuzzy Front End of Business Innovation describes the early phase of the innovation process, which is characterized by numerous uncertainties.

The Fuzzy Front End of Innovation helps to identify innovation opportunities

One of the most important questions for the Fuzzy Front End of Innovation is: In which domains can a company gain competitive advantages through innovation in the future? For this purpose, fields of innovation are identified. They describe the area in which a company wants to develop for example new products, organizational innovationservice innovation or digital business models.

Fields of innovation can be, for example:

  • Development of solutions for a specifically identified customer problem

  • Development of an innovative technological solution to increase the efficiency of a plant

  • Development of a process innovation to make a particular process simpler and more cost effective

  • Development of a digital service offering for customers using a specific product

  • Development of an innovative business model based on customer or device data

The aim is to develop fields of innovation that are described as precisely as possible. At the end of the Fuzzy Front End of Innovation it should be clear for which innovation fields in the subsequent phase of idea development ideas are being sought.

Typical Activities during the Fuzzy Front End of Innovation

In order to define fields of innovation in the phase of the fuzzy front end of innovation, companies start various activities. These can be divided into the following categories:


  • Evaluating trends: Using measures such as a trend analysis, different types of trends are evaluated: Megatrends that describe the general development of the economy and society, industry trends (general technological and economic developments within an industry), technological trends (technologies on the market or technologies that will change the market in the future), special trends (e.g. digital trends, trends within a sub-sector of an industry or trends in customer behavior). These trends are identified and evaluated. The analysis shows the effects of certain trends on the company and its future competitiveness.


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    Relevant fields of action are emerging.

  • Analysis of hidden customer needs: One of the core activities in the fuzzy front end of innovation is the analysis of needs that customers are currently not necessarily aware of. There are various approaches to this, such as observing customers in their everyday lives, in-depth interviews or idea competitions, in which customers are actively invited to contribute suggestions for improvement or ideas for innovative products and services. Methods such as Customer Co-creation and Open Innovation are also used in this phase.

  • Market observation: Increased activities to observe developments among competitors and to identify emerging strategies at an early stage. Sources for this may include publications in social media, events organized by competitors or the evaluation of trade fair appearances. The Innolytics innovation management software helps you to collect and evaluate relevant information.

The Fuzzy Front End of Innovation is one of the most important phases of the innovation process. Good management of this phase allows companies to focus on the most promising fields of innovation at an early stage.

Innolytics® supports companies in the early phase of innovation

The Innolytics® Innovation Management Software supports companies in gathering and evaluating trends, discussing and analyzing hidden customer needs and evaluating competitor activities. The software covers the entire innovation management process – from the fuzzy front end of innovation to successful implementation.

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